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WRC Policies

Policies and Procedures Heading link

WRC has policies and procedures for scheduling and coaching sessions that govern how we do things and communicate our overall expectations of professionalism.
  • The WRC Does:

    • Prepare in advance of a scheduled coaching session.

    • Require an assignment or paper to be uploaded 24 hours before the appointment.

    • Allow modification of appointments 24 hours in advance

    • Require professionalism and 36 hours-notice of the cancellation of an appointment.

    *Failure to do so may result in not being able to schedule future appointments

  • The WRC Does Not:

    • Review assignments and papers outside of the 24-hour timeframe.

    *Appointments will be modified to brainstorming/non-substantive review sessions when assignments or papers are uploaded late.

Scheduling Appointments Heading link

Easily schedule your appointment with WRC at
  • The WRC Does:

    • Allow 1 appointment per week.

    • Coaching sessions during the day, evening, and on Saturday.

    • Permit appointments to be scheduled up to 45 days in advance.

    • Provide reasonable accommodations.

  • The WRC Does Not Allow:

    • Same day services on an assignment due date.