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Student Organizations

Student Activities Mission Statement Heading link

We cultivate student learning by fostering exploration, community engagement and development through educational and experiential opportunities.

We strive to practice and promote:

  • Inclusiveness: We create a welcoming environment that celebrates individual differences and commonalities within a context of mutual respect.
  • Exploration: We support individuals through the process of discovering knowledge about themselves, others, and the world.
  • Responsibility: We challenge individuals to uphold shared expectations and recognize how their decisions impact others.
  • Innovation: We embrace creativity while honoring tradition.
  • Collaboration: We share information, resources, and ideas in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Leadership: We empower individuals to serve and to inspire others for the betterment of a community.
  • Integrity: We encourage individuals to live in a way that is consistent with their values and beliefs.

In addition to the student organizations listed below, students can get involved with the Student Bar Association.


Visit the Student Bar Association Website

Active Law Student Organizations Heading link

American Constitution Society
The American Constitutional Society is dedicated to maintaining a rigorous exchange of ideas about the law with the focus on its effects on the lives of ordinary people.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
This is an affinity group with a mission of building legal community in which Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and West Asian law students, faculty, and staff feel seen, heard, and supported.

Black Law Students Association
The purpose of this association is to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of the African American student body.

Cannabis Law Society
The Cannabis Law Society aims to introduce students to the growing legal field within cannabis. We aim to provide opportunities and networking events where students can learn about the complexities of cannabis law.

Celtic Law Association
The Celtic Law Association is a cultural organization that supports the Irish/Celtic community at UIC Law and the Chicagoland area. Members of both Irish and non-Irish descent participate in social events, community service, and networking opportunities to celebrate the Celtic heritage.

Corporate Law Association

The focus of this association includes providing a platform for students interested in corporate law in and outside of the classroom.

Criminal Law Society
This organization strives to increase the awareness of students, faculty and the legal community in the area of criminal law.

Decalogue Society
This society promotes networking opportunities to meet lawyers and judges within the Jewish community.

The Decisive Utterance
The Decisive Utterance is a student-run publication and an extension of UIC Law’s culture and community. As the school’s most renegade publication, we aim to provide an accessible outlet for students to share their opinions, scholarship, and creative writing.

Entertainment & Sports Law Society
This society is interested in all facets of entertainment and sports law. It strives to bring together interested students and professionals in the entertainment and sports industries.

Environmental and Energy Law Society
This law society seeks to promote and provide opportunities for students to explore environmental and energy law.

Estate Planning Student Society
The EPSS’s purpose is to further assist its members in learning about estate planning and fostering connections within the field.

First-Generation Law Students Association
FGLSA is here to help first generation law students adjust to law school, provide opportunities to grow their legal network, and to foster a sense of community and belonging at UIC Law. Programs sponsored by the organization will include workshops surrounding first and second year challenges, opportunities to speak with law firms and speakers, as well as recreational events to allow students to de-stress.

Intellectual Property Law Society
This society serves a large number of students who have an interest in this area of law.

International Business & Trade Law Society
This organization provides opportunities for students to learn more about the field of international business and trade law.

Justinian Society

The Justinian Society is a social organization that gives law students of Italian descent the opportunity to network with their peers and established professionals.

Labor and Employment Law Society
The purpose of the Labor & Employment Law Society (LELS) is to create a forum for all students interested in exploring career opportunities within the labor and employment (L&E) practice area. LELS was initiated with the hopes that students interested in L&E can build a community of future L&E attorneys..

Latinx Law Students Association
This organization is comprised primarily of law students of Latin ancestry. It tries to provide assistance and encouragement to first-year students.

Lawyers Out Laughing (LOL)
Lawyers Out Laughing (LOL) is a new student organization at UIC Law with the intent of getting students out for a good laugh. To combat the stress, anxiety, and pressure law students regularly feel, LOL will facilitate monthly group outings to nearby comedy clubs, taking advantage of Chicago’s fantastic comedy scene. These outings are a great way for students to relax and take a break while also getting to know their peers from different cohorts or different years. The only requirement is to leave the stress of school behind and focus on a night out with your friends!

Middle Eastern Law Students Association
This association provides students of Middle Eastern descent with a place to discuss issues that are particularly relevant to them.

Muslim Law Society
The purpose of MLS is to be a place dedicated to helping Muslim Law students succeed in law school through building connections with other Muslim legal professionals and law schools across the country.

National Security Law Society


This organization of law students explores the legal issues incident to sexual orientation.

Personal Injury Law Society
The Personal Injury Law Society strives to provide members with a forum for the free exchange of ideas, information, opportunities, and support related to the vast field of personal injury law.

Phi Alpha Delta
Phi Alpha Delta is the world’s preeminent professional law fraternity with prominent members ranging from U.S. Presidents to Supreme Court Justices. This chapter promotes professionalism by establishing the interaction between law students with members of the bar and the bench.

Phi Delta Phi
This is an honors fraternity which strives to instill professionalism and achieve academic excellence.

Restorative Justice Initiative
The purpose of the Restorative Justice Initiative is to promote the inclusivity of the law. To be committed to learning about alternative methods of distributing justice between victims and offenders and the importance of community involvement in achieving that justice.

The Scribes student chapter strives to help students become successful, efficient legal writers through the promotion of legal writing skills. The organization hosts a speaker series, as well as networking events, for the benefit of the student body. Organization members are encouraged to publish.

Space Law Society
SLS seeks educate and support all students interested in space law, the body of law governing human activities in outer space.

South Asian Law Students Association
The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) is dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting South Asians while connecting South Asian law students with South Asian legal professionals.

Women’s Law Caucus
The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about women’s issues, promote equality between genders and provide a forum to exchange ideas.