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Writing Resource Center

Write Now. Write Forever.

Writing Resource Center Staff

Our Mission

The mission of the Writing Resource Center is to increase the writing skills of UIC Law students while providing a relaxed and supportive space that encourages open dialogue and transformative writing experiences. The Writing Resource Center team coaches students in one-on-one sessions, offers group workshops, and provides useful resources to elevate legal writing and ignite curiosity for learning in an equitable and student-driven environment.

The Writing Resource Center provides supplemental writing support to currently enrolled students. The Center accomplishes this goal by providing two primary services:

  1. Writing Workshops: The Center offers interactive group workshops on a variety of legal writing topics. Refer to our 1L and 2L/3L services to learn more about specific workshops.
  2. One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Each staff member of the Writing Resource Center meets with students in one-on-one conferences, tailoring assistance to each student’s needs.

Becoming a lawyer means becoming a professional writer; however, the writing process is not just about drafting legal documents. It comprises a series of steps that include critical reading, understanding, and clear communication. Mastering the writing process is relevant not just to law school, but to the legal profession.

Significantly, the Writing Resource Center holistically supports our students. Because legal writing is an interconnected skill, the Center collaborates and coordinates with the Lawyering Skills Program, Academic Achievement, Career Services, and other law school departments.

Contact Info & Hours of Operation Heading link

Contact Information

Writing Resource Center
University of Illinois Chicago School of Law
300 S. State Street, 11th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Hours of Operation

For current hours of operation, log onto the WRC’s scheduling portal.