Exam Information

Final Exam & Take-Home Exam Schedule Information

Rescheduling an Exam

Student Accommodations

  • Accommodated students should contact the Office of Student Life’s Student Accommodation Coordinator, Samantha Westby, at swestb2@uic.edu regarding their accommodation and rescheduling exams.

Examplify-Hosted Exam Details & Instructions

Using Examplify, you will download your exams and upload your answers after the exam via the internet. You will not require an internet connection during your exams; however, you will require an internet connection to download your exams and upload your answers.

Downloading the Examplify Application

Follow the directions on the Examplify website to download the Examplify Application.

Downloading an Exam File

  1. Establish an internet connection.
  2. Open the Examplify application by double-clicking on the application icon.
  3. Click on the exam file in the Ready for Download section.
  4. Click on the Download Exam button for the exam file.
  5. Do NOT begin your exam until your designated start time
  6. Review the Examplify Exam Taker Tutorial.

Note: All final exams administered by the Registrar’s Office will be anonymously graded.

Take-Home Exam Details & Instructions

Take-home exams are available starting the first day of the final exam period. Take-home final exams will be available through Blackboard. Faculty must assign a due date no later than the last day of the exam period.  Please ensure you check the instructions or syllabus for your take-home exam for the designated due date and time. The course syllabus should also indicate whether the exam is anonymously graded or not.  This is also listed on the above final exam and take-homes schedule.

  • Anonymously Graded Take-Home Exams
    • Include your token ID in your document header and as your saved/submitted file name.
    • Do NOT include your name or UIN anywhere.
  • Non-Anonymously Graded Take-Home Exams
    • Use your name within your document and as your saved/submitted file name.

Paper-Based Course Details & Instructions

Paper courses are non-anonymously graded and are due the first day of the exams period. Please check your syllabus regarding specific parameters or contact your faculty instructor for clarifications.