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Attorney Information

The primary goal of the Fair Housing Legal Support Center & Clinic is to educate the public about fair housing law and to provide legal assistance to those private or public organizations that seek to eliminate discriminatory housing practices. To accomplish the goal of eradicating housing discrimination, the Fair Housing Legal Support Center & Clinic:

  • Conducts legal research, offers advice on trial strategy, and provides sample forms and briefs to help groups fight housing discrimination;
  • Presents conferences and trainings, develops course and training materials, and written brochures about the legal right to fair housing aimed at educated lawyers and new developments in fair housing law;
  • Provides testing and investigation training and services to housing providers, management companies, fair housing agencies, and government offices;
  • Develops materials and brochures to educate the public about fair housing law. Among other materials, the Center has written a Primer on Fair Housing Law and a Layperson’s Guide to Fair Housing Law; and
  • Provides civic associations, community-based organizations, the real estate industry, and private fair housing groups with legal information about rights and responsibilities under the fair housing laws.

For assistance planning a conference, scheduling a speaker, or to obtain copies of the Center materials please contact us at