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JD Concentration in Intellectual Property Law

Student presenting on Intellectual Property

UIC Law’s nationally ranked Intellectual Property Law program offers JD candidates interested in developing specialized expertise in intellectual property law an opportunity to enhance their degree and employability with a JD Concentration in Intellectual Property Law. Our concentration program offers two tracks: a patent track for JD candidates with technical backgrounds interested in patent law practice and a trademark/copyright track for JD candidates interested in a trademark and copyright law.

Requirements and Learning Outcomes Heading link

Declaration to Pursue the Concentration: Students who intend to pursue this concentration are strongly encouraged to consult the academic advising coordinator at the end of the semester in which they complete 30 credit hours, in order to ensure that they will be able to complete the concentration.

General Requirements

JD students may earn only one concentration. Degree candidates interested in enhancing their career opportunities with the JD Concentration in Intellectual Property Law must complete a minimum of 16 intellectual property law credit hours and must graduate with a cumulative overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.25 in intellectual property law coursework. JD candidates may take up to 8 credits from the LLM in Intellectual Property Law course offerings.

Students who matriculated prior to August 16, 2019, are subject to degree requirements in place when they first enrolled, provided they complete those requirements within the time limit for degree completion and do not interrupt their enrollment without formal approval. Students should consult the appropriate concentration faculty director regarding their concentration requirements.

Required Courses

Concentration candidates may choose to focus their concentration in Patent Law or Trademark/Copyright Law. The related required courses for each track are outlined below.

Track 1: Patent Law

One of the following practical courses:

Track 2: Trademark/Copyright Law

One of the following practical courses:


*Concentration candidates who elect to take the Patent or Trademark Clinic must take both the Class and Clinic components.

Learning Outcomes

Intellectual Property Law Concentration Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates of the concentration will be able to distinguish between the core areas of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  2. Graduates of the concentration will demonstrate an understanding of the legal sources for the creation and protection of these core areas.
  3. Graduates of the concentration will demonstrate, at the proficiency of an entry-level attorney, the skill necessary to secure intellectual property protection pertaining to their particular intellectual property concentration track.

Adopted April 28, 2023