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UIC Law Students Receive Recognition and Scholarships from Diversity Scholarship Foundation

Jazmin and Maria

Two UIC Law students received scholarship awards from the Diversity Scholarship Foundation (DSF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equal educational opportunities. Through various scholarship programs, the foundation aims to support students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a more representative and equitable academic landscape. By empowering individuals with financial assistance, the organization strives to break barriers and create a more inclusive educational environment.

Jazmin Alvarez

Jazmin Marie Alvarez, a 3L, was the recipient of the Public Interest Law Initiative Award. Having received the same award in 2022, her seven years of service in the public sector allowed her to exceed the necessary qualifications. Her journey into public interest began with her role as Project Manager for the City of Chicago’s Mayors Office where she focused on planning and programming for gun violence prevention. After that, she served as a law clerk for the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Office of Chair Senator Dick Durbin, where she was exposed to work on immigration issues, bankruptcy matters, labor issues, gun violence prevention, and more.

Both roles allowed Jazmin to prioritize advocating for and elevating the voices of underprivileged and marginalized communities. In turn, this shaped her commitment to public service and fueled her passion to pursue a career dedicated to addressing the needs of those who are often overlooked and underserved. Jazmin currently works for a local member of congress in the U.S. House of Representatives where she manages the Constituent Services team. In terms of future career goals, Jazmin wants to contribute to government service, specifically focusing on federal legislation and policy within a congressional office or committee

The scholarship has instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility, to ensure that my future work actively includes diverse populations and perspectives in the decision-making process.

Jazmin Alvarez, 3L
Maria Jacomel

Maria Tereza Jacomel was the recipient of the Bar Exam Preparation Award. A current 3L, she is set to graduate this May and sit for the July 2024 bar examination. Maria’s dedication to bar preparation and passage is shown through her use of UIC Law resources, as well as her initiative in taking two additional bar preparation classes outside of the school. This allowed her to far surpass the necessary requirements for consideration.

Maria has dedicated herself to promoting inclusivity in the legal community, stating that the scholarship’s emphasis on diversity closely aligns with her personal and professional values. This award was imperative due to the financial burden of study materials and the exam cost itself. Maria says that winning the award will allow her to invest in quality study materials, thus supporting her journey toward success in the bar exam and her future legal career where she plans to work in corporate or real estate transactional law.

When asked how UIC Law has prepared them for a career in the legal field, both students had strikingly similar answers: the support of their professors. Citing their knowledge, guidance, and compassion, Jazmin and Maria share the sentiment that UIC Law professors have been instrumental in preparing them for navigating the complexities of the legal profession.

During my time at school, I’ve had the opportunity to attend various events and network with alumni who have been very helpful and supportive. Additionally, I’ve had exceptional professors who have been a great source of guidance, and the career services team has been instrumental in assisting me.

Maria Jacomel, 3L