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Social Equity Cannabis Initiative

Please complete the form below to request brief advising from the Social Equity Cannabis Initiative.

Submitting this Request for Brief Advising does not create an attorney-client relationship with our clinic or staff.

  • This brief advising program does not provide┬álegal advice or legal representation. We will not review any of your drafts or documents through this program.
  • The brief advising program does offer information to help you find the right answers, ask better questions, or connect to additional resources.
  • The brief advising program will answer questions submitted using this form below by email.
  • This brief advising program does not offer phone calls or any other type of communication.
  • Please complete the Request for Legal Representation form to apply for legal representation from the Community Enterprise & Solidarity Economy Clinic.

Expect to receive an answer within 7 to 10 business days.

Social Equity Cannabis Initiative Brief Advising Form

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  • Are you an Illinois Social Equity Applicant?
  • Did you apply for an Illinois cannabis business license?
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  • Are you an advocate, activist, investor, or other organization that supports Illinois social equity applicants?
  • Are you an advocate, activist, investor, or other organization involved in justice work related to the war on drugs?
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