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Sep 5 2024

2024 Fair Housing Conference – The Fair Housing Act – Old Challenges; New Solutions?

Fair Housing Conference

September 5 - 6, 2024

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The Fair Housing Act - Old Challenges; New Solutions?

2024 Fair Housing Conference
hosted by Fair Housing Legal Support Center

Sept. 5-6, 2024

Description of the program: The conference will bring together practitioners and scholars who work in fair housing. The harm caused by housing discrimination is well established, and many of the problems that existed in 1968 are still with us, albeit in perhaps an altered form. This conference will focus on solutions. What can we do differently to prevent discrimination and to remove the vestiges of past discrimination and segregation?

Come to the conference prepared to be challenged: What can we do that we haven't done before? We will look at residential segregation and its effects, lending and appraisal practices, problems encountered by persons with disabilities, problems of the homeless and underhoused, problems of sexual harassment and domestic violence, and the challenges posed by our new immigrants. This will all be wrapped into the affirmative duty to further fair housing.

We have seen progress, but we have also seen regression. How do we ensure that everyone in the United States has access to equal housing as a matter of right and as a matter of fact?

UIC Law Fair Housing Legal Support Center

Registration details coming soon!


Date posted

May 20, 2024

Date updated

May 29, 2024