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MJ Program

The Master of Jurisprudence offers concentrations for accounting, HR, real estate, business, technology, and other professionals and executives who frequently confront legal issues and regulations. Our MJ concentrations are designed provide the in-depth legal knowledge you need to function more effectively and efficiently in your career.

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Every business faces legal and regulatory issues. Our Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) is designed to offer you a comprehensive knowledge of legal areas that impact your business landscape. The program is highly beneficial for those who need an in-depth understanding of the law in their executive-level positions. Our MJ concentrations can be customized to fit the needs of your career or company.

With specialized legal knowledge, MJ graduates stand out as professionals who can effectively and comfortably communicate with legal counsel and assess the needs of their organizations as the laws and regulations affecting their professions change and evolve. Degree candidates learn the process of legal analysis by examining cases, laws, and regulations. They develop the ability to conduct effective and relevant legal research, as well as communicate clearly and analytically. Degree candidates also acquire the ability to think critically about legal issues and correctly apply current legal authority.

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