1L Moot Court Competition

The 1L Moot Court Competition was instituted to spark an interest in the programs and its attendant benefits earlier in one’s law school experience. Students who have completed either one or two semesters at UIC Law are eligible to participate in the 1L Competition, which takes place between the spring and summer semesters.

Faculty members teach competitors how to deliver winning arguments, and both alumni and 3L volunteer coaches work intensely with competitors to hone their skills. After just one week of practice, competitors face off against each other in a moot court competition at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse with Law School alumni and professors serving as judges. The finalists have the privilege to argue in the Ceremonial Courtroom.

Awards are presented to the Best Oralist, Semifinalists, and the First and Second Place Teams.

To get involved in the next competition, contact Linda McHugh at lmchugh@uic.edu for more information.

11th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2019)

2019 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: James Betzelos & Ryan Chancellor
  • 2nd Place: Erin Ashmore & Laura Darby
  • Semifinalists: Ellie Foley, Rebecca Day, Shannaz Salsabilla & Alice Vagun
  • Best Oralist (Tie): Adrienne Halverson & Lauryn Robinson

10th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2018)

2018 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Priscilla Aning & Shazaade Cannon
  • 2nd Place: Natalia Galica & Megan Rice
  • Semifinalists: Lisiann Rodriguez, Adrianna Unzueta, Melissa Molina & Liat Sanz
  • Best Oralist (Tie): Samama Mahmud & Oluwajuwon Oluwole

9th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2017)

2017 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Gabriela Coronado & Korin Navarro
  • 2nd Place: Alison Martinez & Tamiya Wright
  • Semifinalists: Maura Ashe, Andrea Mansourian, Mariela Guzman & Faith Harris
  • Best Oralist: Bria Daily

8th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2016)

2016 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Theo Lescynski & Lari Dierks
  • 2nd Place: Anil Patel & Bianca Ciarroni
  • Semifinalists: Michael Adeboye & Jessica Imarenezor; Pantelis (Peter) Danos & Terrence Scudieri
  • Best Oralist: Bianca Ciarroni

7th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2015)

2015 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Najua Azzami & Max Frazier
  • 2nd Place: Monique Altman & Brittany Simon
  • Semifinalists: Donterria Jackson & Lolitha McKinney; Nicholas Hosler & Eric Vincent
  • Best Oralist: Sean Varsho

6th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2014)

2014 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Shannon Buckley & Casey O’Brien
  • 2nd Place: Marco Rodriguez & Ishita Saran
  • Semifinalists: Tyler Willey & Ryan Himmel; Thomas Rhodes & Nicholas Pascolla
  • Best Oralist: Tyler Willey

5th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2013)

2013 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Nora Cusick & Ruby Karam
  • 2nd Place: Gabriela Parra & Jeremy Lemmons
  • Semifinalists: Anisha Mehta & Joel Radakovich; Galen M. Williams & RiKaleigh C. Johnson
  • Best Team (Preliminary Rounds): Galen M. Williams & RiKaleigh C. Johnson
  • Best Oralist: Sarah Quinn

4th Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2012)

2012 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Jeremy Crystal & Siohvaughn Funches-Wade
  • 2nd Place: Blythe Milby & Sarah Hess
  • Best Oralist: Siovaughn Funches-Wade

3rd Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2011)

2011 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Danielle Vlcek & Larissa Hachinski
  • 2nd Place: Alex Whitt & David Weiss

2nd Annual 1L Moot Court Competition (2010)

2010 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Laura Happ & Jennifer Bloom
  • 2nd Place: Matthew Martin & Molly Nelson
  • Semifinalists: Loy Webb & Wen Fei Chen; Anthony Wilson & Chris Pryor
  • Best Oralist: Patrick Wood
  • Best Team: Colette Safford & Daniel Rosenthal

Inaugural 1L Moot Court Competition (2009)

2009 Competition Results
  • 1st Place: Robert Lithgow & Russel Kinsey
  • 2nd Place: Florence Pittman & Rhonda Briggs
  • Semifinalists: Kristina McClure, Patrick Goodwin, & Brad Karlin
  • Best Oralist: Adam Marquardt
  • Best On-Brief Argument (Team): Anthony Ochs & Jordan Phillips
  • Best Off-Brief Argument (Team): Rosezena Pierce & Mallory Little John