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JD/LLM in Real Estate Law

Our joint JD/LLM in Real Estate Law program offers JD candidates career enhancement and expanded marketability in real estate law by developing the knowledge and transactional skills offered in our LLM program. Earning an LLM in Real Estate Law will maximize your skills and your employability, while only adding a semester or two to your time at UIC Law.

Our curriculum, developed with input from our Real Estate Law Advisory Board and the faculty, takes a transactional approach to legal education by utilizing real-life situations and materials in the classroom. Classes are held during late afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays to accommodate those who work while earning their degree. Full-time joint candidates may earn their LLM in an additional semester beyond the JD program. Part-time joint candidates often complete the LLM portion of the degree in two-to-three years, but have five years in which to complete the program requirements.

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Effective Fall 2020, new students are not being admitted to this program. Please contact the program directly for more information.

Students may matriculate into a joint-degree program only after they have completed 30 JD credits but before they have completed 60 JD credits. Once admitted, joint program candidates receive individualized academic counseling each semester from the Center director or associate director prior to registering for classes. This advising appointment is intended to direct the candidate’s progress, including the preparation of the upcoming semester’s schedule and approval to take LLM courses.

Joint JD/LLM in Real Estate Law candidates may apply the first 10 credits satisfactorily completed in the LLM program in which they are enrolled to the electives requirements of the JD. Most degree candidate will be able to complete the requirements of the joint program with 110 credits (80 JD 30 LLM) instead of the 120 credits required if the programs are completed separately. Students unable to complete the joint degree must still complete a total of 90 hours to be awarded the JD degree.

Students who matriculated prior to August 16, 2019, are subject to degree requirements in place when they first enrolled, provided they complete those requirements within the time limit for degree completion and do not interrupt their enrollment without formal approval. Students should consult their appropriate Center regarding their degree requirements.

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Required LLM Courses

Elective LLM Courses

†Candidates are required to take both of these components to enroll in the Fair Housing Clinic.

Please review each course description to determine what prerequisites apply.